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About Us

We Tap The Planet's Untapped Natural Resources!

Earthorex, through an extensive network with government and private sector leadership, has and can obtain mineral and other related concessions/rights throughout Africa. This includes access to Rare Earth Elements (REE) and other Critical Materials (CM). All extractions will conform to sustainability, prohibition on use of child labour and related regulatory requirements in markets served.

Local Commitment

By providing the raw materials needed for large scale infrastructure projects and other manufacturing needs, we contribute to the long-term economic growth of the local geographic markets both through employment opportunities and the facilitation and support of local businesses that support our extraction and transport operations.

Our Services

Supply Chain Management

We provide the feedstock that keep people and industries moving forward. As an inrgedients company, we supply the stock to build the bridges, roads, dams and the elements that keeps cars, planes and mobile devices in motion.

Government Relations

Provide access on behalf of clients to key decision makers developed over decades throughout element rich markets in persude of mining interests and concession procurement.


Assist in all efforts related to obtaining feedstock samples and quality testing.


Manage the extraction, sales and distribution of mining products directly for the company’s inventory and on behalf of clients.

Each facet of our development process brings employment opportunities for the local population, foreign direct investment and increased exporting capabilities for local markets.

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve

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Providing bulk sand, marble and other hardscape for construction building, infrastructure and other requirements to meet global demand.


Mining and distribution of rare earth and other critical minerals to keep the world in motion.

Ore and conveyor belt aerial

Dedicated to locating, extracting and distributing planets reserves such as gold, silver, copper, aluminium and precious metals